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Main Project Assignments

Year(s) Project Title / Description Country Role
since 1996 Project management training and consulting, teambuilding events, facilitation of workshops for clients in the automotive, pharmaceutical, telecommunication, food & agriculture, and insurance industries and in the non-profit sector Germany, Europe, USA Trainer, Facilitator, Consultant
2013/14 Teamleader in advisory project "Innovative Insurance Products for the Adaptation to Climate Change" supporting the Ghana Agricultural Insurance Pool in the start-up of weather and area yield index based agricultural insurance programmes; capacity development; review of strategy and approach; feasibility of insurance products; fine-tuning of marketing and distribution, underwriting, risk monitoring and loss adjustment structures and processes Ghana Teamleader
2012/13 Adviser to the African Eco-labelling Mechanism Secretariat to provide support to the establishment of a pan-African sustainability label for agriculture, forestry, fisheries and tourism; coordination of project activities in a complex partner landscape; elaboration of a concept for financial self-sufficiency Kenya Senior Adviser
2012 Analysis of the feasibility of machinery and equipment investment in seed producing farms; baseline survey of agroeconomic situation; determination of gross margins, overhead costs and profitability of farming and livestock activities; assessment of creditworthiness Kyrgyzstan Consultant, Teamleader
2011 Mid-term evaluation of a Chinese-German demonstration farm in Northern China introducing sustainable production methods with modern machinery; review of programme and strategies for the second phase China Consultant
2009 Review mission to investigate factors determining the participation of smallholders in irrigation schemes in the Southern Vardar valley Macedonia Consultant
2008 Fact-finding mission to identify the scope for and the constraints to the development of formal and informal irrigation; strategies of the past decades and current and forthcoming involvement of international donors Ghana Consultant
2007 Fact-finding mission for the analysis of the potential for promoting irrigated agriculture by means of financial cooperation Namibia Consultant
2007 Financial and administrative audit in relief and development projects following the October 2005 Kashmir earthquake Pakistan Consultant
2006 Financial and administrative audit in schemes of micro-projects for rural infrastructure, potable water, irrigation and food security in communities affected by hurricans Haiti Consultant
2006 Financial and administrative audit in projects ensuring food security and sensitising rural populations for risks to contract HIV/Aids Kenya Consultant
2006 Appraisal of the feasibility of an innovative adult education programme for farmers and rural entrepreneurs Burkina Faso Consultant
2004-2005 Promotion of ecological sensitivity among agricultural producers Germany Coordinator, Facilitator
1998-2005 Support to planning, constructing and starting the operations of four regional fruit and vegetable wholesale markets; benefit-cost-analyses; market administration planning Croatia Consultant Teamleader
2005 Financial audit in projects following the Tsunami catastrophe in December 2004 in Aceh Province/ Northern Sumatra Indonesia Consultant
2004 Worldwide introduction of a standard Product Development Process in an automotive supplier company USA Facilitator
2004 Project Cycle Management (PCM) and Logical Framework Approach (LFA) Training for European Commission Delegation Latvia Trainer
2001-2003 Project management training, workshop facilitation and curriculum development for adult trainees in the automotive, research and non-profit sectors Germany, Hungary Trainer, Facilitator
2003 Status review in a fruit cultivation and regional development project Bulgaria Consultant, Facilitator
2003 Status review in a rice production participatory technology development project Benin, Nigeria Consultant
2000-2002 PCM/LFA Training at European Commission Headquarters Belgium Trainer
2001 PCM/LFA Training for European Commission Delegation Yugoslavia Trainer
2001 Workshop Facilitation Genetic Resource Diversity Conservation Project Syria Facilitator
2000 PCM/LFA Training for European Commission Delegations Cyprus, Bulgaria Trainer
2000 Analysis of natural risks to agricultural enterprises and of possibilities for insurable risk coverages Ukraine Consultant
2000 Planning workshop for regional development and fruit production project Bulgaria Facilitator
1994-1999 Initiative to improve the regional schooling situation Germany Coordinator, Facilitator
1999 PCM/LFA Training for European Commission Delegation Slovakia Trainer
1999 Feasibility study for an urban fruit and vegetable wholesale market Kenya Consultant
1998 Business planning for fruit and vegetable producer associations Romania Consultant
1994-1998 Monitoring of EU-Tacis projects dealing with agricultural policy advice, agrarian policy reform, reorganisation of agricultural and regional administration, adult education and extension, resource protection, food distribution and security, organisation of credit schemes, farmers associations, marketing and processing, support to private enterprises Armenia, Azerbaidjan, Georgia, Kazakhstan, Kyrghizstan, Moldova, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan Consultant Teamleader, Trainer
1998 Business planning for fruit and vegetable producer associations Romania Consultant
1997 Feasibility studies on fruit and vegetable terminal wholesale markets, urban retail markets and rural assembly markets Romania, Bulgaria Consultant Teamleader
1997 Support to the marketing component of an agricultural development project Mali Consultant
1997 Feasibility study on a joint funding scheme to support control and eradication programmes against contagious livestock diseases Turkey Consultant Teamleader
1996 Evaluation of tenders for the implementation of food and agriculture projects in the EU-Tacis programme Belgium Consultant
1996 Feasibility study for an improved seed potatoes production scheme at the national level Kyrghizstan Consultant Teamleader
1995 Status review on a project promoting private agricultural trading companies Albania Consultant, Facilitator
1995 Coordination of rural development strategies in the Jura 2000 area / districts of Neumarkt and Eichstätt Germany Facilitator
1993-1994 Support to agricultural reform, privatisation, marketing and trade policies Estonia Consultant, Facilitator
1992-1994 Project identification and agricultural policy reform missions Romania Consultant
1992-1993 Status reviews of agricultural and fisheries development projects Benin, Togo Consultant
1990-1992 Implementation of agricultural insurance schemes Germany, Turkey Consultant
1986-1989 Support to a national agricultural research and experiment station in the savannah zone Ghana Consultant, Head of Dept.
1985-1986 Planning and implementation of agricultural, regional rural development and food security projects Jordan, Mali, Portugal, Tanzania Consultant
1980-1984 Planning and implementation of an empirical research project on Integrated Rural Development Sierra Leone, Germany Researcher