Failure or success?

Soon after the start of construction in August 1173, the bell tower of the cathedral of Pisa started to tilt. The foundation was too weak to support the heavy monument on soft soil. After two interruptions the construction works were finished some 200 years later. What started as a complete desaster turned out to become a first rate success story: the leaning tower of Pisa is one of Italy’s outstanding monuments attracting millions of tourists year after year.

Modern project managers should not rely on such miraculous twists of fate. Instead, they are advised to use first rate technical expertise, apply project management techniques professionally and keep team spirit high in order to yield the expected result in their project.

Here you can find important, helpful and amusing material about Project Management.

My Philosophy

How I approach the request of and the cooperation with a client.

Your request

You contact me. Together we find out whether we share the perspective of your problem and whether I am the right person to assist you in finding a solution.

Contract clarification

Before starting cooperation we clarify as unambiguously as possible the context of your request, the objectives to be aimed at, the measures considered as necessary and which tasks and responsibility either partner assumes. If later a changed situation requires to modify the contract we jointly identify a new basis for cooperation.

Theory + Pragmatism

"There is nothing more practicable than a good theory". My consulting assignments are based on solid theory and on pragmatic approaches for identifying practicable solutions. Always in close coordination with the client.

Appreciative teaching style

In my training courses and facilitations I follow a dialogue and action oriented approach which is characterised by It is a proven fact that this approach leads to accelerated learning. And an important amount of the new knowledge is permanently stored in the brain. Deliberately preparing the transfer ensures that the lessons learnt in the course can be applied in the participants' daily work lives.


Finally, we jointly evaluate the achievements. And we draw conclusions for how to further proceed in the future.